15,000 wind industry jobs to fill in the Netherlands alone!

Atlas sets about finding the right people for the thriving renewables industry.

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With an estimated 15,000 new jobs expected to arise in the wind industry in the Netherlands by 2023, Atlas Professionals has made sure it is addressing the issue in plenty of time through a range of different initiatives.

Atlas made a major move in February when it opened an office in Vlissingen. Atlas is also teaming up with the Dutch government, educational and training establishments, as well as leading industry players to ensure that it has the right people for the many different roles in the renewables sector in the Netherlands.

Joost Pellis, Atlas Professionals Strategic Manager Renewables, says certainly these are exciting times, with many opportunities, but also this comes with some significant challenges too. “Considering the Paris Climate Agreement, it is clear that the world needs to make sure we have enough green energy. In the Netherlands alone, wind power capacity is being ramped up by more than 11 GW in the coming years.”


This demand for wind specialists spurred Atlas on to establish its own dedicated renewables branch in the Netherlands. Commenting on why the company chose Vlissingen at this stage, Joost says it was almost a ‘no brainer’, given the number of wind farms sprouting up nearby. The offshore wind farms Borssele 1,2,3,4 & 5 are going to be built just 20 kilometres from Vlissingen.

Coupled with that, the vocational college Scalda nearby offers a specialist, four-year educational programme specifically focusing on the wind industry.

“At Atlas we have an important role to play and have to be able to deliver the professionals needed. We are looking for people who have been working in the offshore oil and gas industry, or for people who are completely new to the industry or school leavers. There are positions for every level.”

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Video: GWO Basic Safety Training

Through our partners we are able to offer you a tailor made GWO accredited training program that will give you access to a long and prosperous career in offshore wind. The GWO Basic Safety Training provides you with the skills and competences needed to work at any on- and offshore wind farm around the world.

Foto: Joost Pellis, Atlas Professionals Strategic Manager Renewables


Joost explains that Atlas has career opportunities across the entire supply chain – from the ideas to installation. “There will be roles for people who want to be involved in the environmental standards and regulations, or those that want to design and develop wind farms, to those that preassemble the turbines at logistics facilities. Then we go offshore, people are needed for UXO removal, for heavy lift vessels where they will be installing jackets and monopiles, ROV pilots are needed…And then this is followed by Operations & Maintenance given that most wind farms will be in existence for at least 20 years. At Atlas we are active across the supply chain in all the disciplines and this is across the globe.”


Atlas is helping to attract youngsters by several campaigns. “We can steer youngsters into the sector and highlight the opportunities. Sharing knowledge is vital. There is an enormous supply chain and thousands of jobs coming up – pretty much a guaranteed future for people coming into the industry.”

And unlike many competitors Atlas already has more than 12 years’ experience in wind because its UK office in Bristol has played a significant role in recruiting professionals for the offshore wind farms in Europe. “This demonstrates that we know the industry and have a proven track record of getting the right people on board.

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Maxim van der Mast is a relative newcomer to Atlas Professionals and to his new career as a Wind Technician.

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