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“I am still impressed by the size and power of the materials we are working with. It’s like toys for boys”, says Tiemen Hartmans, Design Engineer at Kenz Figee. “There are so many new challenges that require technical solutions.”

“I am still impressed by the size and power of the materials we are working with. It’s like toys for boys”, says Tiemen Hartmans, Design Engineer at Kenz Figee. “There are so many new challenges that require technical solutions.”


Tiemen holds a Bachelor degree in civil engineering from the Delft University of Technology. “It was a lot of fun, however for me it was a bit too mainstream.” That is why he chose to continue with a master in Offshore Engineering. “I was always interested in the maritime industry. There are a lot of challenges in the offshore sector. It’s a dynamic environment, where records are broken on a regular basis. Everything is becoming deeper, heavier and more challenging. These challenges require unique technical solutions”, says Tiemen. “Offshore wind is taking off. 70% of earth’s surface consists of water, which means that possibilities are endless I believe there is still a lot to be done in developing projects offshore.”

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He works as a Design Engineer at Kenz Figee since March 2018. The company develops and constructs cranes, motion compensated gangways and other on- and offshore lifting equipment. “For example, a client asks us to realize a crane with specific lifting capacities. As a Design Engineer, I make calculations and the principal design,” explains Tiemen. After his first month he was asked to work for a few weeks in the workshop, it basically was an internship with the possibility to also see the more practical side of this job. “I have a theoretical background and I was standing in the workshop, holding giant tools and wearing a safety helmet. That was pretty cool. It really helped me to get a better understanding of the production processes within the company. “It is easy to draw a line, but when that line becomes a plate of steel it is a completely different story. It makes you realize that what you design has to be constructed too. A valuable and fun experience.”

It is very convenient that the workshop is close to the office where Tiemen works. Both the headquarters and the workshop are located on the same terrain in Zaandam. The biggest plus is that it is very easy to communicate with your colleagues in the workshop, since you can simply walk over to the guys. Furthermore, you are able to see your own design being tested outside after a couple of months. That is very special.”


Next to designing and calculatingTiemen also supports the sales department with his engineering skills. “We work together on tenders and the development of new concepts. At Kenz Figee we are constantly developing new designs that meet the challenges of the current and upcoming markets. At the moment we are building a modular crane that is used on top of a wind turbine. We are doing this in cooperation with our sister company LiftWerx in Canada. We are convinced that this type of crane offers many advantages, over conventional cranes. Especially because the turbines are getting bigger and bigger. Moreover, our solution is very suitable for servicing floating turbines in the future, as conventional jack-up vessels will simply not be a viable solution in deeper waters.’

It is expected that these type of cranes will be presented in the first half of 2019. “At the moment I am also working on a new kind of mechanism for another new crane concept”, says Tiemen. “I used LEGO to understand its principles.” Unfortunately, Tiemen cannot further go into the details of these technologies. “But if the crane going to be constructed, I will be very proud!”

Tiemen likes working at Kenz Figee. “There is a personal and informal atmosphere. That makes it a pleasant environment to work in. Everybody at Kenz Figee is very approachable. Next to that there is a hands-on mentality which I like. You get responsibility and there is room to grow. Every day I learn a lot, which is very important to me.”


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